The Things Network!

The idea:
anyone can buy / build their own IoT devices and use the existing community network.
If there is no gateway (reception and transmitting station), you build one yourself and your environment can use it as well.
The ranges are about 5km.
Absolutely free!

Visit this page:
I have already started my first attempts and set up my first single channel gateway, created first nodes and measured ranges.
My conclusion after a few weeks: Great!
My user account at TTN:
My first test results:
First Range Test
RSSI Legend

Interactive map:
I still have very good connection at 3km distance. Verysatisfied!
I measured it with my first little node:

First Node

3 thoughts on “The Things Network!”

  1. Luciano Picchioni

    Hi Mario,
    congratulations for your realization
    Somewhere can you find information on the gateway that you have installed?
    What kind of antenna did you use in the gateway to reach 3Km?

    1. Hello,
      Here is a link to my gatewa:

      There you will find a map with my gateway below and if you click on the needle you will see information.

      This is the antenna:
      Antenna HowTo
      It is on our house on the roof. House is 7m high. Antenna again 50cm higher;)
      So altogether on 7,50m

      Tested are the 3km with SF12! With SF7 <1km.

      Bye! 🙂

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