A great TTN Gateway on the Roof of the University

The fact that I now work in Makerspace, we have quite quickly brought a gateway for The Things Network.
It’s a Lorix One with a better and much bigger antenna!

A great gateway for our roof

We want a gateway with the highest possible range.
So we have to go up high. We chose the highest point on our roof and laid a LAN cable. PoE supplies the whole. That’s the plan.



  • IMST with Raspberry Pi?
  • Or the RAK?
  • Or a Kerklink?
  • Or what newer?

We decided for the LORIX One, since it owns IP65 directly. PoE is powered and has an N-type antenna connection. In addition there are the usual 8 channels, 49 demodulators @ 868 MHz. So everything is great.
The price with 4.15dBi outdoor antenna is about 500 €.



We want to get the best out of it. For this purpose, the antenna is known to be very important. Since we have a lot of space on the roof and the look does not matter, the antenna can be quiet very large.
I quickly found the DELOCK 12504, which is 150cm high and has strong 8dBi. Wonderful!
However, it also costs a strong 150 €. Link


So that the antenna is stable, but does not have to be fixed somewhere, we bought a flowerpot curb and poured it out with concrete. Concreted in we have a round steel. We then attached the antenna to this steel. The gateway only holds via N-type antenna connection. Sounds funny, but it is.




Link to my Gateways:

Of course, go directly with a node and mapped with the ttnmapper. Great software!
The results are okay in my opinion! What do you all mean?


The best distance was at SF12 scarce 11km from a moving car at 120km/h. The antenna was held out of the skylight. —> RSSI: -117


I think I am satisfied.
What I noticed directly: The antenna at the node is even more important!
This will be a topic in the future …

Before vs after

There was already a gateway installed on the roof. It is a Raspberry Pi with IMST Gateway, 5m antenna cable and an aurel groundplane.
The problem with this gateway is the much too long cable between the IMST and the antenna and the antenna itself. This was unfortunately too deep and too close to sewers made of metal.
I think that could be a lot better.

Our gateway is on the other side of the building, 10m higher and the antenna is mounted directly on the transmitter / receiver. In addition, the antenna we use is much better.
So all in all a big boost?

Yes, as you can see here:


Here, the RSSI values were visualized in Grafana. Before about -120, now -100.

Also interesting is SNR. Before it was -8, today it is +8 !!!

The actual measured ranges have also increased drastically.
Before we had a maximum of 1km, only a few hundred meters were safe.

Today safe 2km to 11km!

Well, what do you think? Leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “A great TTN Gateway on the Roof of the University”

  1. Frank Burghardt

    Hello, thanks for this article. I also connected the same gateway in correct way (it is connected to TTN), but it does not appear at ttnmapper. How long did it take until it was visible?

    1. Hello,
      this is possible immediately.
      Are you using the ttnmapper app?
      If you measure the GPS position with your node, it must be forwarded to the operator. That’s not that easy.

      Download the app and there you go;)

  2. Hi Mario,
    i live in Dorsten and i am quite new to TTN. I got some questions about this Delock Antenna i am interested in. Can i ask you some questions via email or other communication channels?
    Thanks and greets, Olli

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